We have been through some changes in the last year…and boy, are we proud! We are creating a culture where we can serve our team and our customers.

A Unique Culture Crafted To Support Our Customers

Learning is in our DNA here at GreenTeam and providing off-the-chart service to our clientele is more than just a motto. We hold each other accountable, support one another and never quit – until we know we’ve manifested quality service for each and every client we come into contact with. Get to know the GreenTeam culture, and you’ll catch a glimpse of the combination of an unending quest for knowledge and dedication to service – all put into play to support your business and its needs.

On any given morning, the GreenTeam offices will be bustling with an undercurrent that has contributed to use being among South Florida’s top fastest growing plumbing companies. We pride ourselves on a culture that is dedicated to combining knowledge and a customer focus to provide services for our customers that is above and beyond. Sure, most companies include these components in their mission statements, but at GreenTeam, we talk the talk and walk the walk. Here are a few things you should know…

We know who we serve: Our customers are property managers of office buildings, industrial parks, medical building and in the hospitality industry. We continually deepen our knowledge and understanding of these areas of enterprise, because that insight helps us provide better service, hone on the nuances that exist only in these areas and always be one step ahead of our customers’ needs. Our services have direct impact on the success of our clients’ businesses in a real and tangible way. That’s why it’s an imperative for us to bring our A-game each and every time. We get it.

We are on a never-ending quest for greatness: Every two weeks like clockwork, we round up our technicians for a team huddle. Of course in these meet-ups, we’ll spend time going over routine housekeeping items, but we make a proactive effort to collaborate, gain new knowledge and challenge each other to rise to their best workmanship capabilities. In addition to upping the ante on our knowledge base, our technician team spends time airing out customer service issues and brainstorming ways to keep the standard optimal.

We start our quest for greatness with our hiring strategies: We are a family-oriented company that has infused a culture-oriented hiring and HR strategy into our business that starts with always hiring for personality then training for skill. A core trait we are looking for in their new hires is a desire for continuous learning. Those who have the “never-stop-learning” attitude will love their job at GreenTeam, because that’s in the ethos of the company, from internal training to external training and certifications. Once we’ve recruited top talent, the GreenTeam management encourages leadership and empowerment, providing the tools to help their team get there.

At GreenTeam, we have defined ourselves internally first so that we can offer the best externally. By dedicating ourselves to continuous growth and learning, continuously exploring ways to offer better customer service and only hiring like-minded employees to help support our mission, we created more than just a motto. We’ve created a way of life.

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