The recent shut-downs related to COVID-19 has created low occupancy for many commercial property managers. While capital projects may not be top of mind, there are plumbing maintenance projects that can be performed to make the most of these times. 

What now? Making the Most of Low Occupancy

We know your email is inundated right now and don’t even want to include the c-word in this message. The slowdown that is being forced upon us by this pandemic can be viewed from a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full point of view. We have been and always will be a glass-half-full organization that continues to look for opportunities to serve our clients better.

By now, you have already received numerous notifications about following the CDC’s guidance and staying updated. Please know that we are taking this event seriously and taking every precaution at GreenTeam to protect everyone’s wellbeing.

That said, we want to point out what commercial property management and engineering teams can do to make the most of times with lower occupancy counts. Here are a few plumbing-related maintenance items that you can do to leverage these unusual times:

  • Exercise all your domestic water shutoff valves.
  • Complete a full maintenance check on your domestic pump system (check motor windings, voltages, etc.)
  • Isolate domestic water by floor, if possible.
  • Check water heaters, especially ones that are in ceilings.
  • Check the drain pans, piping, shutoff valves, and relief valves.
  • Trace blueprints to be sure all valves are in the proper location and tagged.
  • Identify and tag valves so that your staff knows exactly which area of the building your shutoff valves control.
  • Make sure your staff has the proper equipment to shut valves down (examples are ladders, access panel keys, etc.)
  • Run your building through the shutdown protocol – shut pumps off, turn valves off, and practice the procedure, so everyone knows what to do in the event of a water emergency.

Additionally, certain projects also require low-to-no occupancy so now may be an opportune time to:

Perform sewer inspections on your main lines: With low sewer flow, you can now get a look at those sewer mains without doing it after hours.

Maintain your lift stations: With low usage, now is the time to have your lift stations cleaned, maintained, and checked for proper operation.

Address parking lot storm drains: Low occupancy means empty parking lots! Now is a great time to do your annual storm drain cleaning, jetting, and maintenance.

Work on budgeting: A forced slowdown is a good time to begin planning for things. Have you considered automatic sensor faucets, sensor toilets, urinals, etc.?


While many of the standard plumbing services require us to be physically present, we understand the need for social distance when it is not critical. GreenTeam can still provide you what you need.

If you’re looking for a quote or have a question about something at your facility, email us at [email protected] to schedule a Facetime appointment with one of our licensed Plumbing Managers.

For now, you can count on us to do our part to be good global citizens to flatten the curve. We’ll also be here to serve the plumbing needs of South Florida commercial properties with exceptional service, no exceptions.

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