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If you live or work in South Florida, you know that afternoon rainstorms can flood an area quickly.

Florida records the highest rainfall of all American states, and the rainy season lasts from May through October. Storm drains (also referred to as storm sewers) are used to control stormwater run-off.  When leaves, dirt, sticks, and debris get swept away down into storm drains, streets and parking lots can become unusable. Tree roots can also take up space, and storm drains cannot retain the same water volume. Stormwater permeates soil, canals, and lakes (without treatment) when storm drains flood.

Regular storm drain cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your commercial and residential properties operating optimally. Some municipalities even require storm drain certifications.


Flooded streets and parking lots disrupt the flow of business as well as creates an environmental impact. Workers can’t park, tenants can’t receive visitors, and deliveries can’t be made. The overflow of clogged drains can cause increased erosion and dangerous driving conditions.


Storm drains that are not maintained also create an environmental impact since they contain run-off material such as oil/grease/antifreeze that drip from automobiles, mineral deposits, cleaners and solvents, animal waste as well as pesticides and fertilizers. Since drains discharge directly into surface water bodies, they have a potential negative impact on surface water quality. It can impair or kill aquatic organisms, contaminate drinking water, and make recreational areas unsafe or unpleasant.

Storm Drain Maintenance
& Service Solutions

GreenTeam has experience with drain cleaning of all kinds – sewer, storm – we clean it all.

We offer septic tank, grease trap, and storm drain cleaning for our quality industrial tank trucks and specialized cleaning equipment to remove debris from storm drains. GreenTeam licensed and insured technicians handle storm drain cleaning on streets, parking lots, parking garages, and other areas.

By self-performing these services, we ensure that you get Exceptional Service. No Exceptions. You can be confident your drains will be ready to handle whatever nature (or tenants!) throw at them.

Drain cleaning services include:

  • Storm drain vacuums
  • Jetting services
  • Post-cleaning camera inspections
  • Storm drain inspections, repairs, and upgrades as needed.
  • Annual and 5-year storm drain certifications

Providing off-the-chart service is more than just a motto at GreenTeam | Building Services. We hold each other accountable and never quit until we know we’ve done a quality job for each and every client we come into contact with. Put GreenTeam’s unending dedication to service into play for your next plumbing project. You’ll be glad you did!

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